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A New Standard Of Clean.

Amairify is leading the way to combat not only this current pandemic, but prevent any future bio-threats. We provide all the tools, methods, supplies, knowledge, and support so you can have your own bio-cleaning business up and running in the matter of weeks. Use our calculator to compare the costs of disinfecting your environment.

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A NEW way of cleaning

Times have changed and traditional techniques for cleaning will no longer be adequate to keep the public and business safe from microscopic threats! Join in on this market and help keep your local community safe.

What's Provided From Amairify


Commercial grade dispensers and protective equipment (PPE)

Disinfectants & Antimicrobials

EPA Registered with proven effect against COVID-19 and on-going surface protection.

Training & Methods

Approved processes by certified industrial hygienist (CIH)

Team Support

Continued support for your company

Welcome to Amairify

Bio-Cleaning Consultancy

Amairify is creating safer environments by fighting the current coronavirus pandemic at a molecular level. Be a part of the solution by starting your own business today!

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What Amairify Can Do For You

Choose from two different business options that best suit your needs:

Leasing & Purchasing

Do you already have a dedicated cleaning staff, but want to add another layer of protection to your business?

We understand that as a business or an entity have a bottom line. You already have an internal skilled work force dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of your business. Amairify's leasing option can implement the new gold standard for cleaning, disinfecting, and protection into your existing structure. By leasing, your organization will access to state-of-the-art equipment, a solid supply line of disinfectant and antimicrobial solutions, a plan of action, and training of your staff.

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Starting you own bio-cleaning company

Looking for a new venture or a way to expand your business?

This is a newly emerging market and is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business looking to dive into a new venture. Industries across the US have suffered because of this pandemic and has left owners across the country with employees that are eager to work. Whether you have a company of 1 or 100, Amairify has a start-up package that will add value to you and your community. Please contact the Amairify team to gather additional information.

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What Amairify Provides



Teaming up with a domestic manufacturer, Amairfiy offers commercial grade atomizers that will cut down on service time visits, provide reliable operations in the field, and keep up with the demand of a growing market. By breaking down disinfectant solutions to the micron level you will be able to blanket the entire environment that you service whilst saving on the amount of product needed for the job.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective equipment is essential for this type of service and Amairify has secured a several pipelines to provide this equipment to you.

personal protection equipment
Disinfectants and Antimicrobials


**EPA Reregistered disinfectant, proven to kill viruses including Covid-19

You will have a continuous supply of EPA registered disinfectant that kills not only the COVID-19 virus, but several other bacteria and virus strains. While the disinfectant is tough on microorganisms, it is safe for an array of applications including food prep areas, childcare facilities, and several other environments.


**90-Day Surface protection against viruses and bacteria

Developed by a domestic Bio-Tech company, this patented and EPA registered solution has found its place in today's world as a front-line protection layer against bacteria and viruses. Typical antimicrobial solutions use a 'poison' method to destroy viruses. This method allows for the RNA of the surviving virus cells to mutate and develop into 'superbugs'. Amairify's antimicrobial uses a 'mechanical' method to puncture cells as they land on the surface! Once the solution has been applied it will last on the surface up to 90-days even with multiple touches and surface cleaning. Learn more

Disinfectants and Antimicrobials
bio-cleaning training

Training & Methods

**CIH certified methods

Through research and hands on experience we have perfected the methods and procedures required to offer these services to all clients. All methods have been approved and stamped by a CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) to prove their efficacy in the field. A video archive and certified documentation are provided to train your staff to provide viable services to your community. A knowledge center is also provided that will educate you and your team on every aspect of this business and give you the edge in the market.

Team Support

**Continued Support for your company

This new market comes with an array of questions and our team is here to provide answer. Not only do we assist in the methods and procedures of your service, we are here to instill all the knowledge that we have acquired from experts in all the field pertaining to this new and emerging market. Additionally, we have a team dedicated to finding leads for larger contracts that we filter down to our licensed partners.

bio-cleaning support