Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning
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Help reopen and stay open.

Amairify helps set up service companies that provide disinfection and protection services to local communities, municipalities, and states. We were founded around the need to respond to the threat of Covid-19 on a national scale. Our mission is simple, help America reopen and stay open.

With our roots already cemented in Colorado, we are rapidly expanding our affiliate network across the North American market, including members in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, and New Mexico with new affiliates joining every week.

Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning
Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning


Educate, empower, and adapt.

The world has changed and with that change comes the need for markets to adapt to the new norm. This pandemic has exposed the cleaning industry's antiquated methods and shown that no longer can we clean for just appearance alone. We must now protect environments on the micro level. Amairify has emerged to fill this role and is leading the charge to educate and empower governments, schools, business owners, and the general public on the correct procedures and technologies to implement while ensuring public safety. Covid-19 showed the world how a microscopic bio-threat can cripple our economy. We are here to not only combat the Covid-19 pandemic, but set up a sustainable infrastructure that can protect our country from any future viruses and bio-threats.

Joining the Amairify team will allow you to be a crucial component in this infrastructure. Now your community will have a local service company they can trust to protect them year round, allowing a form of normalcy to return. During this early stage, you will be a trusted leader in your area to dictate the reopening of the economy.

This type of business is geared toward highly motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. The only limits are your ambition! Building out a sales strategy, marketing material, and a team of technicians will be crucial for your success. Amairify is here to guide you along the way. We give you the tools and knowledge you need to operate the service side of your company, as well as a knowledge center that will assist in your marketing and sales efforts.

As we pursue our mission, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be one of the first companies on the ground. You'll work with our parent company Amairify and its licensed affiliates to set up your new business and build out a prospect pipeline, leveraging our existing network, marketing collateral, and product knowledge.


Outstanding service that saves your clients money.

Your company will provide a service that surpasses all other atomized disinfectant companies and also saves money for your clients in the long run, allowing them to have year-round protection on all of their surfaces.

The service is a two stage process. Initially, you will disinfect an environment using an EPA registered disinfectant. This process kills any microorganisms in the environment and lays the groundwork for the next layer of protection. The second step includes spraying an EPA registered and food contact surface FDA approved antimicrobial. Once applied, this antimicrobial provides lasting protection for up to 90 days. All of our chemical solutions are distributed through our state-of-the-art atomizers that have been specifically engineered to administer our products. We also provide your crews with top of the line PPE (personal protective equipment) and safety methods that keep you and your employees safe.

Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning

Here's what Amairify will provide you with to start:

  • Atomized Dispensers
  • 20 gallons of Disinfectant Solution
    • EPA approved List N Disinfectant
    • Kills the COVID-19 virus strain as well as other viruses and bacteria
    • Tough enough to disinfect hospitals yet safe enough to spray nurseries
    • This price includes one year's worth of solution up to 80 gallons
  • 25 Gallons of Concentrate Antimicrobial
    • EPA Registered
    • FDA Approved for food contact surfaces
    • Provides protection for 90-days
  • PPE (when/if available)
    • Full face respirators
    • P100 filters for respirators
    • Nitrile gloves
    • Spray suits
  • Sample liability contracts for your employees as well as clients
  • Further education on a ll aspects of the business
  • Access and training of our procedures and methods
  • Suggested business development tools
  • Access to the Members Resource Center
  • Continued access to research and new product lines
  • Contract Pipeline from Amairify
  • Marketing Material and content
  • Weekly webinar with Amairify team and Amairify affiliates


Amairify will provide you with marketing collateral including merchant-facing flyers, scientific case studies around our disinfectant and antimicrobial, window decal examples, as well as sample statements and letters. You can choose to rebrand these with your own color scheme and logo or pay our team to create this content for you.

Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning
Leasing Amairify Bio-Cleaning


Our continued excellence in this industry depends directly on you, our affiliates, the backbone of Amairify's entire network. We are here to support you in creating and sustaining a successful bio-threat protection company. By working together we can achieve our strategic goals and continue to meet the evolving demands of safely reopening American businesses. We look forward to having you with us on the journey!

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